Give it up #OneTime for @ACtheEntity

AC The Entity “One Time”











We caught up with AC The Entity to find out the concept behind the song, who he worked with on creating it and his writing process.

AC has been hard at work with his upcoming EP Lost In The Details Of Nothing, or L.I.T.D.O.N. Although he has yet to announce an official release date he’s made it clear his latest track “One Time” is the first single promoting the project.

This was one of the first beats Vibe sent me. I sat with the beat for a few days just trying out ideas and then the chorus came to me. It felt like a call and response song. So I wanted to give the audience a part they could be apart of. It was like the way people give shout outs on the radio. I wanted to tie it into how we don’t give thanks for the little things that make the hard things easier.” AC The Entity

***Contains some explicit content***

One Time is available for download and on streaming services now.