When They Forgot About the DJ

DJ J Dough











@DJJDough gives his introspect on the why he says the DJ is often taken for granted and what can be done to bring them back to the forefront of music.

The job of the DJ now day’s has been taken for granted for many reasons. The internet is one reason to blame for the lost of respect for djs. A lot of artists today feel that they don’t need the DJ because of the internet. It has made it a lot easier for artists to get music out to the people. Along with that, artists have forgotten about getting music to the DJ because they feel DJ’s can’t expose their music as much as they can on their own via the internet.

Another reason I think DJ’s are taken for granted is because of the lack of REAL DJ’S!!! I say real DJ’s with emphasis because there are so many “push button” DJ’s who do it for the wrong reasons. This often make us real dj’s look unworthy of people’s respect. DJ’s have even lost respect from promoters! Promoter’s can take home $10,000.00 on a night, and look to paying the DJ who brought all his equipment, promoted, prepared the music, and DJed a party $75-$150. The reason they feel that way is because they think “All i need is somebody to play music, anybody can do dat!”. People don’t have respect for something ANYBODY can do.

In Cincinnati, local artist had lost respect for DJ’s. They would disrespect the djs on social media, in person, by word of mouth to the point the DJ’s in Cincinnati united and started a Local Music ban. The ban was to show artists how important DJ’s are to them. The ban was also put on to show them NOTHING is possible without our support as well as our importance to them. That is what DJ’s need to do –  stand up, demand respect and show how important we are not only to artists, but to music fans everywhere. We are the engine to the music industry. Once people see that then that is when we will get back to being in the forefront of music.

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Author: Will "Aryez" Jones

Founder of Blaze 4 Glory Music Group, LLC specializing in music management, marketing and publishing.

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