10 Questions with DJ Will Money

DJ Will Money of the Heat DJs Answers 10 Questions













Each month, we ask industry professionals questions ranging from popular culture, sports, music and whatever else comes to mind. DJ Will Money answers 10 Questions.

1. The song you play that you know gets the club going ape shit is…?

DJWM: Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” is the song that people go crazy now whenever I play it.

2. The artist that impressed you the most with his/her grind is…?

DJWM: Biz Da Troof from Cincinnati  because he does it all. He is an artist,producer,graphic designer,social media expert. Biz does it all for himself and wears many hats. I have nothing but respect for his dedication to his craft.

3. If you knew then what you know now you would…?

DJWM: I would had avoided certain situations & people that caused me difficulties in life.

4. Best vacation spot to go would be…?

DJWM: I don’t get to take too many vacations because I’m always busy. When I get some free time I want to take a trip to Jamaica or maybe the Bahamas.

5. Your favorite producer is, and why?

DJWM: I really like Timbaland. His music is so dope! He is so versatile because he not only produces Hip Hop music but, other genres of music such as pop and R&B.

6. You think Trump is…?

DJWM: He is the most ignorant President our country has ever SELECTED!!! He is doing what the powers that be want and that is to keep our Country divided. Meanwhile, while everyone is focused on Trump’s bullshit antics our Government is steady passing laws to take away more and more of our freedom.

7. The most slept on album from an unsigned artist is…?

DJWM: Artist’s don’t drop too many albums today but, I would say Young Butta’s Free Agent mixtape was highly slept on. It was some dope tracks on that mixtape.

8. You most annoyed when…?

DJWM: People attempt to DISRESPECT me. I don’t tolerate any disrespectful behavior from anyone.

9. Your all – time best gig was…?

DJWM: When I had DJ for a HUGE wedding reception. I got paid nice for that gig. Weddings and family reunions are the best gigs to me. YOU GET PAID WELL.

10. You think Kaepernick should…?

DJWM: Continue believing in his truth. Everyone has to stand for something or they will fall for anything.

DJ Will Money can be heard on K100 Radio, an online station that broadcast to over 60k listeners every Thursday at  4pm. est. Check him out on the Sirius XM Shade 45 station, the nationally syndicated The Drive on Sunday 12 midnight EST. Also check him out on 1001 The Heat on Saturday 7pm est that broadcast to over 100K listeners.

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