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2018 is off to a relatively good start in the music business. This Industry Insight offers news on how streaming is continuing to shape the industry; new legislation being introduced that can affect how songwriters are paid, and how the power of technology is having on how we obtain, and listen to music.

It’s 2018 and The Music Business is Better Than Ever
By  Jesse Kirshbaum
“After a 20-year decline, we are seeing growth—in fact, double-digit growth. Music is being created and consumed at a higher rate than ever before.”

The Music Modernization Act will provide a needed update to copyright laws
By Rep. Doug Collins
“The bill tackles four dimensions of music licensing. First, the bill addresses the fact that digital music companies regularly fail to pay songwriters and copyright owners properly for interactive streaming services. The trouble often arises from inefficiencies and information gaps.”

What Spotify Going Public Could Mean for Music Fans
By Marc Hogan
“Streaming now makes up more than half of the industry’s revenues, and Spotify has more paying subscribers than any other streaming service. The 10-year-old Swedish company sets the pace.”

Spotify Sued for $1.6BN by Wixen in Huge Copyright Infringement Lawsuit
By Tim Ingham
“The action has been triggered by the arrival of the US Music Modernization Act, which was introduced by Congressman Doug Collins in December.”

What the repeal of Net Neutrality could mean for musicians
By Robert F.P. Ludwick
“Without the concept of Net Neutrality, internet service providers (ISPs) can take action on the content flowing through their networks.”

Hip-hop and R&B overtake rock as biggest music genre in US
By The Guardian
“Hip-hop and R&B surpassed rock for the first time in 2017 as the biggest music genre in the United States…”

SoundExchange Board of Directors Extends Contract of President and CEO Michael Huppe
By SoundExchange
“Huppe took the helm at SoundExchange in 2011. Since that time, annual collections have increased by more than 150 percent and the company has successfully diversified its offerings to include administration of direct licenses and distribution of settlement monies for third parties.”

5 Ways to Set Yourself Up for a Successful 2018
By Angela Mastrogiacomo
“Still, the formula for success, in 2018 or anytime, isn’t terribly complicated — it just requires a little persistence.”

Author: Will "Aryez" Jones

Founder of Blaze 4 Glory Music Group, LLC specializing in music management, marketing and publishing.

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