10 Questions with DJ Ace Grinds

DJ Ace Grinds answers “10 Questions”

Each month, we ask industry professionals questions ranging from culture to sports to of course music and whatever else comes to mind. DJ Ace Grinds answers 10 Questions.

1. What was your first Dj experience?

DJAG: First thank you for this opportunity. My first dj experience was making mixes for talent shows in high school for my partner and I which lead to being a mobile dj crew from the 90’s- to early 2000’s.

2. Who wins, Patriots or Eagles in the Super Bowl?

DJAG: Super Bowl, I take the Eagles. I can’t take away from the Dynasty the Patriots, have but you always want to see someone new.

3. You hate when artists…?

DJAG: I hate when artists say they’re hottest in the game because the realization is if they were they wouldn’t be talking to me and they’d be already in rotation.

4. Do you prefer vinyl or CDJ’s?

DJAG: Vinyl. I’ve been dj’ing since ‘93 and only two years on controller – definitely turntables without a doubt.

5. The worst thing a woman can do on a date is…?

DJAG: Ha ….Lol! I would say texting and suck her teeth, lmao!

6. What artist didn’t you expect to blow?

DJAG: That’s kinda hard to say cause anybody can have a hit now days. One song can change your whole life…. I never really doubt music as it’s how the people accept it. My job is to make you move and make you feel differently about a certain song. You like it, I love it …

7. What was the last thing you did that made you nervous?

DJAG: Martin Luther King lock-in every year. This year we had a 1000 kids in Church. It’s always a blessing to see kids give their life to Christ.

8. If you could do a set anywhere in the world, where would it be?

DJAG: If I could dj anywhere in the world it be a festival in one of the New York National Parks, the home of hip hop.

9. Three things that should be taught in schools during Black History Month should be…?

DJAG: The Black Panthers Movement. They want us to know the negative side of the Panthers but not what it was built for – Black wall street ,Tulsa, Oklahoma and how we can really be empowered. They erased this from history because this is what can happen.

10. You know it’s cold af when…?

DJAG: When your bones start aching from the cold. You’re either cold or you’re getting older, pick one!

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