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How can your music be affected?

In February we saw a lot going on with the increased royalty rate and other updates focused on music streaming. Consider how what’s happening in the industry may impact your music career.

Songwriters’ Streaming Royalties Will Increase Nearly 50 Percent Thanks To A Landmark Ruling
By Aaron Williams
“The ruling streamlined the payout formula and increased the royalty rate 43.8% in favor of artists and songwriters, who will now receive $1.00 for every $3.82 earned by their respective labels”.

Spotify debuts a new Songwriter Credits feature on desktop
By Sarah Perez
“This will display information about the performers, songwriters and producers in a pop-up interface, as well as the source of the information”.

YouTube commits to assigning ID numbers to artists
By Music Business Worldwide
“As such, YouTube will now will request an ISNI, a unique identifier, to be assigned to all creators whose works are used on the platform – including performers and songwriters – which it says will help to ‘reconcile data and ensure attribution”.

Best Buy to pull CDs, Target threatens to end credit with labels
By Ed Christman
“Even though digital is on the upswing, physical is still performing relatively well on a global basis — if not in the U.S. market, where CD sales were down 18.5 percent last year. But things are about to get worse here, if some of the noise coming out of the big-box retailers comes to fruition”.

Apple Music Passes 36M Subscribers, Up 6M In 5 Months
By Bruce Houghton
“In the U.S., Apple Music subscribers are growing 5% monthly, compared to 2% monthly growth for Spotify, according to the Wall Street Journal, who first reported Apple’s milestone”.

SXWorks launches free tool to make songwriters and pubcos money
By Music Business Worldwide
“SXWorks, a subsidiary of SoundExchange, has today launched NOI LOOKUP – a new service to help music publishers and songwriters search the more-than 60 million address unknown Notice of Intention to Use (NOI) filings made with the U.S. Copyright Office”.

Author: Will "Aryez" Jones

Founder of Blaze 4 Glory Music Group, LLC specializing in music management, marketing and publishing.

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