The Grits and Glory Podcast: The “Raw Laws” Explained

The “Raw Laws” explained

You’ve heard Juan Grits and the gentlemen of The Grits and Glory Podcast talk about the “Raw Laws” during their discussions, right? Juan gives us insight on what the Raw Laws are and how he uses them to help formulate the topics discussed on The Grits and Glory Podcast. PREPARE TO BE FED…

“The Raw Laws are a series of life values/life philosophies/life hacks that we believe will lead to an honorable and fulfilling life. These are the virtues that all honorable men and women in pursuit of happiness, balance, and peace should aspire to. We built these laws based on our personal experiences and the works of great psychologists and spiritual workers. The Raw Laws are designed to keep you mindful of how you approach your life and its obstacles (the key words in that last sentence are “You” and “Yours”).

We pick our topics based on the Raw Law philosophies we would like to highlight and current events. Since each episode is a free flowing conversation amongst friends, the topics will follow our personal lives and well is what that general public seems to be focused on. The goal of each topic is to spark discussion and thought. If it’s not thought-provoking or challenging it can’t be a Grits and Glory topic.

We hope the Raw Laws and our topics ultimately provoke thought, entertain and motivate you.” – Juan Grits

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