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Black Music Month, 2019 State of Black Music and more Industry Insight News

Check out the latest music business and audio content news for June and let us know your thoughts.

June is Black Music Month. While there are those who will highlight the music, we want to make sure artists and audio content creators are paying attention to the business aspect of their works. This read shares insight on the history of Black Music Month and how it became recognized.

“The fight for who defines black music and culture, who promotes it, and who reaps the financial benefits is as old as commercial music itself, and possibly stronger now than ever.” – Naima Cochrane

Protect, Preserve, And Perpetuate: How Black Music Month Started As A Power Play

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How are you using the month to help market your content? Are you seeing more engagement with your content because it’s Black Music Month?

There’s no question that hip-hop is a force to be reckoned regarding popularity and sales. The National Museum of African American Music, set to open next year, has recently released their 2019 State of Black Music to reveal some of the amazing accomplishments Black music genres has offered to the music industry.   

“Last year, hip-hop overtook rock as the most-played music in the United States. Eight of the 10 most-streamed artists last year were rappers…” – Jessica Nicholson

National Museum Of African American Music Releases 2019 State Of Black Music

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Do you think this trend will continue? What avenues do you think are contributing to the growth? How do you think this information can help push your brand and content?

At this point it’s no denying that streaming has become an integral part of the music industry. Goldman Sachs helps to reiterate this point.

“Within this 1.15bn number, Goldman believes that over two thirds of subscribers (68%) will come from ’emerging markets’, rather than ‘established markets.” – Tim Ingham

Goldman Sachs Says 1.15bn People Will Pay for Music Streaming by 2030, as It ups Industry Forecast

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We know that streaming will only continue to grow so what do you think will be the next wave of technology? How have you utilized streaming platforms in your audio brand?

For years Billboard has been the dominant force in charting music. Learn about the new player in the game.

“The Rolling Stone Charts will be powered by music analytics service Alpha Data (formerly BuzzAngle Music) and will launch publicly on Monday, May 13.” – Murray Stassen

Rolling Stone launches new industry charts, taking on Billboard’s 200 and Hot 100 in the USA

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Do you think this could level the playing field for especially independent artists to gain popularity? In what ways?

With so much focused on streaming, is it truly worth releasing an album?

“Simply put, the modern version of an album is built for streaming numbers, not for storytelling.” – Alex Heiche

Death Of The Album

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Many debate if albums are still relevant. Do you think so? Do you think it depends on the overall objective of your brand? What are the pros and cons of releasing albums?

Possibly a measure to have an edge on the new Rollingstone charts, how could this affect up- and-coming artists?

“Rankings will spotlight top creators on the Billboard Hot 100 and other genre song charts.” –  @billboardstaff

Billboard to launch weekly songwriter and producer charts

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As mentioned, how do you think this could affect newer artists?

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