B4GMG Throwback Playlist

AVI’s “How to Create a Buzz” in B4GMG Throwback Playlist

Listen to our B4GMG Throwback playlist featuring songs from AC The Entity, AVI and more. Check it out on Spotify now…

AVI’s How to Create a Buzz debuted in 2005 and was the second release from Blaze 4 Glory Music Group. The project was the label’s effort by producer and B4GMG Co-Founder Mario “AVI” Payne to show how to build awareness to the artists and sound the company housed. How to Create a Buzz featured B4GMG rap recording artists Bigg Cell, Lil Nikki and MaineStream.

AC The Entity’s “Drunkness” was the first track B4GMG worked with as a co-publisher. AC was looking for ways to expand his business endeavors as well as his sound as he looked to Producer, J-Skillz for stronger production. “Drunkness” is considered to be one of AC’s first tracks he considers an essential song in his performance catalog.

“One Time”, produced by Vibe – One was the first single from AC The Entity’s Lost in the Details of Nothing, (LITDON) released September of 2017. The single was targeted to college radio stations and caught the attention of Artist and Producer, MC Till of Everybody’s Hip Hop Label. This eventually lead to a collaborative effort between the two creating AC’s latest EP Power of the Mind, available now on all music streaming platforms.

Listen to the throwbacks here

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