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US Copyright Office appoints MLC to begin enforcing policies within the Music Modernization Act, and other updates for July’s Industry Insight

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With summer in full swing, all the attention seems to be surrounding the newly appointed Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC) by the US Copyright Office to begin enforcing new policies within the Music Modernization Act. As artists and songwriters, it is extremely important you learn how this could impact your revenue streams. 

“Now that the consensus MLC has been selected, the group will formally begin operations, according to the NMPA statement on the Copyright Office designation. “This will include the negotiation of a budget with the digital streaming services who, by law, must fund the collective. It will also include partnering with a vendor to provide administration and matching services and development of a user portal through which publishers and songwriters will be able to manage rights and royalties.”  – Ed Christman

U.S. Copyright Office Approves Mechanical Licensing Collective Sponsored by NMPA

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How effective do you think the MLC will be? Do you think the MLC will fairly represent artists and songwriters of all levels?  

For those who have been following the MLC updates, you may be wondering out of all the organizations, how did the US Copyright Office decide on the MLC and who were some of the other candidates.  

“The Office concludes that while both candidates meet the statutory criteria to be a nonprofit created to carry out its statutory responsibilities, only MLCI satisfies the endorsement criteria, and MLCI also has made a better showing as to its prospective administrative and technological capabilities. The Register is thus designating MLCI, including its individual board members, with the Librarian’s approval.” – Ed Christman

Why The U.S. Copyright Office Chose The Mechanical Licensing Collective

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Do you think the U.S. Copyright Office made the right decision in who they chose?

Music Tech and Business Professional, Dae Bogan shares his perspective on the ways the MLC can be effective force as the newest Collective Licensing Organization. 

“The MLC will be born in the 21st century. And as a 21st century collective licensing organization, the MLC has the unique opportunity to implement, at inception, 21st century business practices utilizing 21st century best practices and technologies.” – Dae Bogan

Here Are 10 Ways That The Music Licensing Collective (MLC) Can Set The Bar As A Collective Licensing Organization In The 21st Century

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Do you agree with the insight he offers? What are your thoughts?

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