Jay Wiz Launches New Brand and Company – Visible Grid Media

Lyricist and Producer, Jay Wiz. Photo credit: Meme Miller Photography

New imprint includes audio production and multimedia platforms for artists and more.

Jay Wiz has been working nonstop over the last year. He’s dropped two singles including the wishful-thinking of If I was a Millionaire; the story of a police brutality incident in Cameraphone, and the joint collaborative album, At Home with wife and musical counterpart, E. Renee. But, that’s not all as he has just officially launched his newest imprint – Visible Grid Media, LLC, (VGMLLC). 

Wiz’s Visible Grid Media focuses on platforms that include The Plug Studios which entails audio production services such as mixing, mastering, engineering, and recording, as well as a multimedia extension encompassing graphic and web design, and podcasting for artists and media personalities. 

“The approach behind the brand is having the ability to take an idea and see the place it fits overall into a picture – hence the grid. When I’m putting music together – whether mine or for others I typically know what the concept is, or the vision, and as I listen in my mind I’m putting the pieces in place, like a puzzle,” says Wiz. “Also, media creation tools usually have grids built into them. That said, we’re creating the vision while working to exceed the constraints of the grid to maximize the full potential of one’s creativity.”

VGMLLC and Blaze 4 Glory Music Group, LLC. (B4GMG) have created a joint venture in which B4GMG will handle overall strategic marketing efforts for Visible Grid. “This joint venture allows both entities to focus on utilizing our strengths to the fullest potential, with Visible Grid Media putting all of their energy into being creatives while we can focus solely on making sure their voice is heard,” says B4GMG CEO and Founder, Will Jones.“

Throughout 2021 fans can expect upcoming projects from VGMLLC including an upcoming mixtape from Jay Wiz, a collaboration album with some surprise artists, and a podcast series led by him and E. Renee. More details on these projects are to be announced at a later date.

At Home by CrayZ available now on all DSP’s including Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

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