Jay Wiz & Nate The Great Presents Hoodie SZN The Mixtape

Jay Wiz and Nate The Great drop new music to kick off 2022

Wiz along with long-time friend and collaborator DJ Nate The Great release joint mixtape for the New Year.

Just in time for the new year, Jay Wiz has collaborated with DJ Nate The Great to release Hoodie SZN The Mixtape. Wiz’s latest effort includes features from AC The Entity, E. Renee, M – Az’n, Deon Can Rap (DCR), YON LI, Black Rain, and more. Production on the mixtape includes music from Tone Jonez, Don P, DopeBoyZMusic, and others. This is Jay Wiz’s first release since his 2018 album Divergent debuted.

The project came about in a resurgence of music that speaks to the adult demographic. He says that Hoodie SZN is good music with grown-up themes, which was the idea behind this project’s creation. Hosted by his long-time friend and collaborator, DJ Nate The Great, Hoodie SZN harkens back to roots in NY hip-hop with a distinctly Midwest flare. 

Executive produced by Wiz under his Visible Grid Media imprint, Hoodie SZN offers a unique listening experience full of lyricism and versatility in rhyme patterns and styles – all while delivering diversity in production that implores East Coast grittiness, with a soulful Midwest bounce.    

When asked what sets Hoodie SZN apart from other music he says “Although there is no particular ‘shortage’ of lyrically inclined hip-hop music right now, I believe there is a demographic that is underrepresented in hip-hop. That demographic is grown-ass men and women of color who take care of their business and have grown to relate less and less to the current crop of music offered by mainstream media. This is music for adults with children and significant others. In my opinion, that is very hard to find.”

Notable listens include the mixtape’s introductory track Already, Keep Tellin Em produced by DJ Oo Wop, Forever – which brings a marching band vibe as M Az’n, DCR and Jay show their lyrical prowess. Grown-Up shows Jay’s maturity as an artist as he shares his perspective of the world around him. Other great listens include Last Time, Bosses, High Level, and I’m Gone.

Jay Wiz & Nate The Great Presents Hoodie SZN The Mixtape is available now on Soundcloud


Hoodie SZN Cover Art

Hoodie SZN Track List

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