Blaze 4 Glory Music Group, LLC is the premier company specializing in talent management, marketing and publishing in the urban music genres and audio content.

What originally began as a small independent record label based in Cincinnati, OH. has now been reorganized into a service company for artists and personalities as well as businesses and organizations. In 2017 the company’s founder Will “AryezNow” Jones positioned the company to attract  independent artists and talents, as well as organizations looking for audio content to suit their needs at a reasonable price.

Our catalog includes music from a broad range of artists and songwriters covering the hip hop, rap, soul, R&B and spoken word genres. We strive to provide the most effective content as well as quality products for your audio, entertainment and multimedia needs.

We are a business-focused organization committed to developing and maintaining strong working relationships with the talent we represent, the businesses we serve, and those who support them both.

Our strengths as an organization leverage the skills, knowledge and creativity of our network, comprised of a healthy mix of music, content creators and business professionals.

Blaze 4 Glory Music Group, the sound of urban culture…