Hip Hop Recording Artist, AC The Entity


AC The Entity is a hip hop artist based in Cincinnati, OH. What sets his music a part from other artists is his ability to relate to the blue-collar, working person dealing with the many challenges life will throw. The style and delivery in his music is more of a conversation to his listeners rather than the braggadocios and prideful lyricism you tend to get from many artists in the genre. Some of his influences include Bob Marley, Scarface, Pimp C, Nas, and Curtis Mayfield. He believes that creating music is expressing his “greatness” and hence tells his listeners “This is greatness displayed” when he delivers on a track.

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Screenwriter and Director, Jason Toler


Jason Toler is a screenwriter and director based in Los Angeles, California. Born in Cincinnati and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Toler was educated in film in Chicago’s Columbia College. He has worked on numerous TV shows and films including Save the Last Dance, Barbershop and Spiderman. Toler began stand up at the famous Ha Ha Comedy Club in North Hollywood, California back in 2007 and hasn’t looked back since. The actor/writer/ director’s first comedy special Highly Inappropriate remarks his first comedy album.

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