For businesses and organizations…

We partner with a variety of artists, djs, producers and personalities to suite your entertainment and multimedia necessities. We offer affordable prices while still delivering quality services that you can be proud of to represent your brand.

Our company provides licensing and creative services for music supervisors, music libraries and entertainment industry professionals working in the advertising, film, gaming, recording, television, and digital-based multimedia businesses.

For artists, songwriters, djs, producers and personalities…


We help negotiate deals and business endeavors on your behalf to ensure you get the most for your talents.

We assist in building a team around you that can develop your talents to the fullest potential.

We help in getting you the tools and resources you need to complete your projects and accomplish your professional goals.


We draft the necessary materials you need to properly communicate your brand which include media kits, press releases, media advisories and social media campaigns – to name a few.

We work to cover traditional media outlets to get exposure for your talent that includes radio, digital and print platforms.

We conduct market research to understand how to best promote your projects to the best audiences.   


We partner with artists and producers to handle administrative responsibilities as a co-publisher, so you can spend more time writing, recording and performing.  

We set up copyright, registration, tracking, fee collection and distribution of your titles.

We work your titles and catalogs to potentially earn revenue from performance, mechanical, synchronization and print royalties along with other licensing opportunities.