Industry Insight News

How can the latest industry news affect your music and artistry?

It’s been some time since B4GMG has delivered Industry Insight News but we’re back to keep audio content creators up on the latest of what’s going on in the industry and how it can affect your content.

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AC The Entity Collaborates with Everybody’s Hip Hop Label for “Power” EP

AC The Entity’s “Power” EP

AC The Entity collaborates with MC Till of Everybody’s Hip Hop Label to release the “Power” EP.

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10 Questions with DJ Ace Grinds

DJ Ace Grinds answers “10 Questions”

Each month, we ask industry professionals questions ranging from culture to sports to of course music and whatever else comes to mind. DJ Ace Grinds answers 10 Questions.

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AryezNow Podcast: DBLCIN Interview with Matt Scheer

DBLCIN’s Matt Scheer (Image Credit: Dre Shot This)








Will “AryezNow” Jones is back! After 6 years, I’ve relaunched Blaze 4 Glory Music Group, LLC’s podcast, AryezNow. The purpose of this podcast is to highlight the people behind the scenes pushing for artists to be successful as well as to let artists know of the resources and support available to them.

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Why College Radio Still Matters

Bearcast Media Professor Chad Ashmore breaks down the college market









The University of Cincinnati’s Bearcast Media Adjunct Professor and Radio One Cincinnati Producer Chad Ashmore tells why artists should still utilize college radio when promoting their music.

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